Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It's been a busy summer for the Navalinsky family. First we had to pack up our house in Arlington. We had been there for almost 7 years and had two kids while there so there was a lot of stuff! Dave had to leave in early May to head to the Illinois Shakespeare festival where he is the TD. The kids and I stayed behind while Clyde finished up school.Anyone want to buy a house in Texas?

Upon leaving Texas I went on a road trip with the kids to meet up with Dave in Il. We love our summers in Il. We have such great friends there and love the Bloomington/ Normal area. The Shakespeare festival is pretty darn cool as well.

Best Buds!

Also... Best Buds!

After 2 months in Il. we headed out again... This time WITH Dave to our new home in Durham, NC. Dave got a teaching job at the University of North Carolina in the theatre dept. It's a bit daunting to be in a new place but, as luck would have it, we have gotten closer to friends from our past! A friend from I was young (and much more hip) actually works on the UNC campus. A friend from the Illinois Shakespeare Festival has just moved to Winston-Salem to go to Grad school (Yay, Ashley!) Some of our best friends that we were almost inseparable from in Arlington for 3 years live only an hour away.
You would never know they had been separated for 4 years.

PLUS I was fortunate enough to meet a great woman named Ann on-line who helped me in my house hunt and happens to have a son the same age as Clyde who will be going to the same school. To make matters even BETTER some of my oldest, bestest friends from Ohio may be moving to Charlotte which is not that far at all when you compare it to the distance we had to travel to see them in Ohio. I really think this move was meant to be and am excited to see what it holds for all of us.
Clyde and Claudia in the kudzu.