Thursday, June 24, 2010


There is something to be said for the friendships that kids form. They go at them full on. They love each other to pieces and then fight like old married couples. They take. They give. They whine. They laugh. They pinch. They hug. They tattle. They share secrets. The beauty of all this is that come tomorrow, all the bad stuff is forgotten and the friendship is still there.
When do we lose that?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You like me, You really like me...

Hey... I won an award. I wasn't even sure if people were really paying attention but apparently Nicole at My Mad World liked something she saw. Thank you so much Nicole. I really appreciate it. Please stop by and check her blog out.
The award comes with some rules. They are:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award
2. Tell seven things about yourself (yeah this will be the hardest for me)
3. Pass the award on to 15 other bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!
4. Let them know you have awarded them the prize.

OK... Here are my seven things:

1) I still have dreams of being a published author. The hardest part of all of that is that I actually have to sit down and put that pesky novel that's floating around in my head on paper.
2) I would really like to go back to school but am a bit nervous about it.
3) I am LOVING living the life of a crafter this summer.
4) I love my kids but am VERY excited that my five-year-old is going to kindergarten in the fall.
5) I firmly believe that Diet Pepsi is the nectar of the gods.
6) My kids are never going to even NOTICE the paparazzi when they are famous... It would be stranger for them NOT to have a camera in their face.
7) I grew up in a functional family. My parents are still married to each other and I actually like my siblings.

And now for my fifteen favorite versatile bloggers. Here they are in no particular order:

1) Dawn at 'DAWNING"
2) Charlene at "Adventures-in-Mommy-Land"
3) Elizabeth at "More Than a Mom"
4) Dorkys Ramos at "Dry as Toast"
5) Tracie at "From Tracie"
6) Lisa at "Just Lisa, No Filler"
7) Stephanie Lynn at "Under the Table Dreaming"
8) James at "Luke I am Your Father"
9) Jen at "New Green Mama"
10) Janis at "Sneak Peek at Me"
11) Pamela at "Too Much Testosterone"
12) June Freakin' Cleaver at "The Ratio of Failures"
13) Christina at "Momology"
14) Em at "Emcogneato"
15) Crystal at "Autisms Bitch"

Please stop by these blogs to see why I like them so much. Now I have to tell everyone that they've won... This is truly the longest I have taken on any blog. My head is tired.

Wordless Wednesday: Really Cool Picture of a Bird

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Crafty Tuesday: Lately Crafty MOST Days

Puppy Love

Robot Fun

Girly Bird

These are just a few of the things I have been working on. They will be added to my ArtFire page as soon as I get some time.

FunkyFeisty's ArtFire Studio

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I LOVE what I'm doing

I am absolutely loving what I'm doing this summer. I love making stuff and I really dig going to the Farmers' Market. It could be that it gives me a few hours away from the rugrats. It could be that I get to hang out with a great friend for hours at a time. It could be the really cool people (and pooches) I meet there. It could be the praise I get for the stuff I make (who doesn't like a little ego massage from time to time?). It could be all of these things together. I just know that I am loving it and honestly think I have found my calling.
Truth be told, I am a bit nervous that I will slack once I get back to my real life in Texas. I also wonder if I will lose an audience without the loved again... stuff right next to me. I wonder if there is a possibility that I may be able to eventually cut hours at work and still have enough money coming in. I wonder if I should expand my repertoire by including furniture and found objects. I wonder if there is a way to make the little building behind my Texas house a studio of sorts. I wonder if I will have more time to do this with one kid going to kindergarten next year. I wonder if any of you have any unique gift needs... Is that a subtle enough hint? ;)
I wonder all of these things but don't really get a knot in my stomach. I get excited. I almost get giddy. I am curious and anxious to see where all of this leads. I will keep you posted.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Take My Picture Mom!

Crafty Tuesday: Duped?

So for this week's Crafty Tuesday I thought I would share with you the tales of a recent 'Renaissance Festival/ Craft Fair' that I recently took part in. Lauren had been invited to take part in the show when she was at another show. All the paper work sounded great. We had mistakenly signed up for an area called 'Mystic Moments'. The booth fee was cheaper but it seemed that the area was designated as a kids make and take section. Lauren explained that we were not a make and take table so they upgraded us, at no extra cost, to 'Equine Lane'. Cool. All the paper work explained that we would be listed in the advertising and promotions. Cool. There was a horse show there which sounded really cool.
Day of show. We get our sitters to the house... Not without incident but that's another rant for another day. We head out. Of course we pass up the place but not by far. We pull in and are told that we need to park and lug our stuff. The info had stated that we could park and unload right at our booth. Luckily it wasn't that far and they had provided a table so we didn't have to carry that. We get a good chunk of our stuff unloaded when we are told that we CAN drive to our booth and then park. They have box lunches waiting for us which is nice.
Set up started at 8:30. They wanted vendors ready at 11:30 for a noon opening. We were ready. Some people had gotten there at 8:30 but we had arrived around 11. A look around showed us nine other vendors... If you counted the the face painter (who was awesome!), the story teller (also awesome), the nurse who was there with a table promoting healthy eating (and yes they had to pay a $50 booth fee for the 2 days they had been there) and the people set up with hats and shirts promoting Raspberry Grove Equestrian Center which, in fact is in some one's backyard. It's beaultiful and they do train riders and apparently board horses. We were VERY glad to have only paid $25 for our spot. We were also VERY glad for our newly purchased 'tent' which was envied by the other vendors. It was hot and sticky. The flies were biting but I guess I wasn't tasty enough because they didn't bother me. The gates opened and we waited. And we waited. We became social and started chatting with other vendors and still... we waited. The 'show' itself didn't start until 4. The hope was that the crowd would come in about 3ish. They had done this on another Saturday a couple weeks prior. It had rained but we received an email that said that 200 people had wandered through. Well... Apparently that was a BIG estimate acorrding to the vendors who had been there the other week. They guessed closer to 75. That turned out to be a pipe dream for the Saturday we were there. The people who did come weren't really interested in our wares. We did sell some stuff but to other vendors. As far as that goes we met some great people and had time away from our kids. The vendors weren't supposed to tear down until 6:30 but we were all packed up once the intermission was over. Not sure if the owner even noticed since she never came around to see how we were doing...
I have mixed feelings because I did make a little money but I can't believe the booth fees they were charging for people to set up. PLUS they charged for people to come in. Oh well. Guess we won't be doing that one next year...