Thursday, May 27, 2010

loved again...

So I've been tellin' ya about loved again but I thought I'd show ya a couple of things. Lauren is an amazing seamstress. If you like what you see check out her etsy store at

The dark spot on the one doll's face is from Claudia kisses. Kids really do love these 'Kids'.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Bringing Up the Rear

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's Crafty Tuesday!

I've been pretty crafty as of late. These are some of the boxes that I've made. I am actually going to craft some more today... and tomorrow... and the next day. I think I'm a junky! ;)

Let me know what you think!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Funky & Feisty and loved again...

So Lauren and I had our first 'joint craft gig' this past Saturday at the Farmer's Market in Bloomington, IL. We were prepared thanks to help from the book 'Crafty Superstar' . I was nervous as heck the night before. I want our joint little business venture to be successful. I want people to like the stuff I make as much as I like to make it. I have been having so much fun these last couple of weeks making things in a room with Lauren while the kids played and fought in the other. I want an excuse to keep it up!
I got up at 5am the morning of and got ready. I packed the kids in the car still in their jammies to take them to Lauren's house. We had gotten a sitter for the day. Heck, if nothing else, we had a day together without the little ones. That may be worth the effort on it's own. We packed up the mini-van and headed out.
A nice man pointed us in the direction we needed to go. Of course the way was blocked by the tent of a very grumpy lady who seemed to think we were putting her out by trying to squeeze by. I know... I'll let it go. We found our number, #52, on the sidewalk and set up camp. At first it looked like we might be out of our league... everyone had canopies, we did not. We weren't ready for that investment yet. Once everything got put in it's place I think we looked like we knew what we were doing. It's nice to be able to fool people every once in a while.
The bell rang and people were shopping. Lauren sold two dresses right off the bat. I will have to get some pics so that you can see why! Of course you can go to her etsy shop at and see for yourself.
The day was great. We sold stuff... Lauren was the big winner in that department... talked to a lot of people and had a great time.
All of my anxiety seemed to melt away after my first sale. I made enough to break even which is better than losing money. We got about 30 names on our mailing list and we had people asking about special orders and wondering when we would be back again... If you're wondering we'll be there every other Saturday!
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Like Mother; Like Son

Crafty Tuesday on Wednesday

Sorry I'm late on this but I have been crafting my heart out that last little bit. Lauren and I have our first Farmer's Market gig on Saturday. Thank goodness for Lauren and her innovation. She came up with a swell stamp idea for our bags. Who knew you could this with carpet tape and foam letters? Ingenious. I can't wait to show you guys the great display she has come up with for our booth. I feel like such a slacker. I can't even come up with a bio for myself! I am busy making frames and boxes though. Hopefully something will sell. I will take some pictures of her incredible things and share them here as well. I love them all and can feel my envy of her talent growing with everything she makes! Curses on those with cutes and talent! ;)

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Crafty Life

So things are looking up in my little crafting corner. My friend Lauren and I are working together to do some craft events this summer. I am very excited.

Lauren does some amazing 'up-cycling' (that's the hip lingo for re-purposing which was the hip lingo for recycling). She makes clothes and rag dolls from old clothes. She's been working on some really cool headbands and scarfs from old t-shirts. You can see some of her stuff at her etsy store. I'm not sure it's been updated in a while but if you like her stuff and want to see more just let me know. I get to work in her studio (which is a fancy name for extra room that you can leave your crap out in without it bothering anybody) with her this summer. I can't believe the stuff she comes up with! I'm in awe and feeling a bit out of my league.

We have been chosen to have a booth in the 'Artists Alley' of the Downtown Bloomington Farmers' Market.

We will also have a booth at the Raspberry Grove Equestrian Center MayFest Renaissance Fair on May 29. Now there's a mouthful for ya.

Another thing we're looking into is having our own open house and inviting other local artists to participate. That's still very much in the works though.

I really hope that this summer boosts up my 'Crafty Confidence' and motivates me enough to open my own etsy store. THEN I hope to get into etsy Fort Worth.
I would love for this to be the summer I really find my groove in the craft world... Of course working so closely with some one who sews makes me wish I had room for a sewing machine... Baby steps Cheryl... Baby Steps.

Monday, May 3, 2010

I Really Like Hockey But...

I like hockey. Especially live games. I'm the person rooting for a fight. I think it's fun. It's not my usual M.O. As a rule I don't like my kids playing violent games or pretending to shoot each other. I don't like boxing, AT ALL, but a good hockey brawl can bring me to my feet.
Now watching it on TV at home is another story. It's OK but I prefer to be there. I sorta start to dread Stanley Cup Playoffs. I always know what we'll ne watching and it ain't GLEE.
We're Red Wings fans. We had a car when we lived in Cleveland that only received AM stations and one of those was from Detroit. My husband is a much bigger fan than I am. If the Wings get to the play offs I'm happy for them. It's fun to see how they do. I just can't sit there and yell at the screen or anything. The husband can. He doesn't yell through the whole thing so when he let's out with a shout, be it positive or negative, it's sort of startling. If they win, I'm happy. If they lose I'm much more of a pouty lip, feel sorry for the team sort of loser. I don't 'get' getting all upset and letting it ruin my day. How does it truly effect me one way or the other?
I don't bet (unless I'm in Vegas or Tunica). I'm not related to any one on the team. Heck, I'm not even from Detroit.
I dunno. Maybe I'm not a 'true' fan. It should be over soon... Of course The Tour de France is on it's way and I am married to a cyclist but that's a blog for another day...