Monday, May 23, 2011

I've Missed This Blog

I have been gone for a while. I went to a new blog and tried to focus on one aspect. It was way too stressful. I missed being here. i missed my bloggy friends that I met here. I missed my memes that I was a part of so I am back.There have been big changes happening here. The biggest is that, after 7 years, we are leaving Texas. My husband accepted a position at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. We will be Tar Heels! This is very exciting for us but also a little scary.
Both of our kids were born here and I have made so many great friends here. I am sad to leave all that behind. Thankfully there is Facebook and cell phones so no one will b
e far in that regard but still... Who will I call when I just need to get out of the house with Claudia? My moral support is going to be much farther away. I am going to miss my 'Mommy Friends' most of all. I have known some of these youngins all their lives. I am going to miss seeing them grow up in person.

Then there's work. I will have been with Barnes and Noble for TEN years this summer and the majority of that has been with this store. I work with a great group of people. They know me and are accustomed to my sarcasm and snide comments. Now I'll have to retrain a whole new group! Thankfully it seems I will be able to transfer so that is a plus.
In the past few months I have met a great group of local artists and have finally been feeling a part of the art community here. I am sad to be leaving them. They truly are a fun group of talented folks. Google Etsy817 to see what I mean!
On the plus side Chapel Hill seems VERY cool and more tha
n a bit more liberal than good old Arlington, Texas. It is very much more a college town which is something I love. Nothing beats that feeling of community. There is also the promise of old architecture and bountiful trees and plants. This is more than a bit exciting to the photo bug in me.
My husband and I have both discovered that we have people from our pasts living in the area as well. Good people... Not scary exes or anything. I think that's going to help a lot. We also have some of our best friends living only an hour away in Greensbor
o. I am so excited to be able to see them and celebrate some holidays with them like we used to.
We will also be a much shorter trip to our families in Ohio. That's pretty cool. I have nieces and a nephew that I have never even met! I think the families are happy about this... More for the grandkids than Dave and I I'm sure.
All in all I believe that this is going to be a very positive experience for us. Yeah, I'm a little nervous. OK, A LOT nervous but this will be good for our family and I'm sure that I will meet even more fantastic people. That whole "Make new friends but keep the old" kinda thing.

In the meantime... Anybody want to buy a house? ;)

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