Saturday, May 16, 2009


No. I say it all day everyday. 'I said no.', 'No you can't stick your tongue on there', 'No you can't buy an elephant', 'No, your sister does NOT want to see what happens when you put that in your mouth', 'No, you can't have a puppy'. Seriously, it's all day. I'm lucky if it gets 'heard' about every tenth time. If it's not 'no' then it's 'don't' or 'stop' or 'put that down'. It's exasperating. It wears me out.
I'll admit, there are times I just give in. It's not usually when the question refers to playing in traffic or with knives. Those are fights I'm still managing to have the upper hand in. But, if the question is something like 'Just one more Sponge Bob, please...' I'll often cave after the third or fourth time.
Lately I'm caving pretty quickly. We're staying in a 2 bedroom apartment for the summer and I don't want to wake up the neighbors at 6am over an argument about the benefits of a banana over Lucky Charms for breakfast. They haven't been able to win the cake for breakfast battle yet, though.
I know that the rugrats have banned together and work this ploy as a team. They drive me nuts, wear me out and then start asking questions. Clyde's tactic? Keep asking and asking and asking and talking and talking and talking. Claudia's? Point, scream, throw self on floor. When they do this simultaneously it creates quite a ruckus.
I love my kids. I do. Really. I swear. Yep. Some days it's just a good thing that they're cute. :-)


Tory said...

I'm sure that it's this kind of behavior that prompted one of my mother's favorite lines to us: "It's a lucky thing I love you." - which went hand in hand with "I may not always like you, but I always love you."

Anonymous said...

Cheryl....I can not stop laughing, not because I find this funny. I'm LMAO ROTF because I would swear that this was written about two kids in my house. Isn't it great how we decide which battles are actually worth fighting. Some days I am completely frazzled before breakfast is even cleaned up. Girl you are not alone in this!!!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya! There are days when I want to record the word "NO!" and just play it over and over again! Of course another one around here is "Owen PLEASE stop beating up your OLDER brothers" I have learned that there are moments that it is ok to just throw up your hands and say I quit, you win and walk away! :)

Natalie Gaupp said...

I want to win the cake for breakfast battle!