Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Crafty Tuesday: Look Ma! I did somethin'

Here it is My Crafty Tuesday Submission. I love making these boxes and need to get on the ball and get some more made! I will be making one for a friend who won a contest I held on my FaceBook group page entitled Craft-Tacular. You should check it out if you're interested!

I have been using dominoes as a 'knob' to pull the lid open but I've also started using these great puddle stones. Not sure that's what they're called but that's what they make me think of. I love playing with the papers and seeing what combinations I can come up with. A lot of the time I won't even like how something is turning out and then all of a sudden I'll add one more thing and then that does it.

I think I'd like to try to make a cigar box guitar one of these days. I think that project will make me even more glad than I already am that I have a handy hubby.

Happy Crafty Tuesday!


Just Jess said...

Adorable and clever as usual! I got my dad a book on making cigar box guitars for Christmas. I'll let you know how he reviews it.

Christina said...

You know, I haven't gotten down and dirty with glue and paper in a long time...it'd be fun! I doubt it would turn out as cute as yours, tho. You have the knack!

Christy said...

what is a cigar box guitar? sounds like something i must have :)
love this box...you are crafty!
i need to have a bit of a look around to see more!

Cheryl said...

Thanks gals.
Christy- a cigar box guitar is pretty much just what it sounds like... A guitar made from a cigar box.

Abigail said...


My friend made a really cool semi-acoustic bass from a cracker box. He's got a blog about making musical instruments here - http://rockfreakinsolid.com/
The posts about 'the 18 rule' might help you with the fretboard :)

Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

Cute! visiting from SITS

More Than A Mom said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm glad I found yours - I'm addicted to crafts and I'm a Mom too!