Sunday, June 6, 2010

I LOVE what I'm doing

I am absolutely loving what I'm doing this summer. I love making stuff and I really dig going to the Farmers' Market. It could be that it gives me a few hours away from the rugrats. It could be that I get to hang out with a great friend for hours at a time. It could be the really cool people (and pooches) I meet there. It could be the praise I get for the stuff I make (who doesn't like a little ego massage from time to time?). It could be all of these things together. I just know that I am loving it and honestly think I have found my calling.
Truth be told, I am a bit nervous that I will slack once I get back to my real life in Texas. I also wonder if I will lose an audience without the loved again... stuff right next to me. I wonder if there is a possibility that I may be able to eventually cut hours at work and still have enough money coming in. I wonder if I should expand my repertoire by including furniture and found objects. I wonder if there is a way to make the little building behind my Texas house a studio of sorts. I wonder if I will have more time to do this with one kid going to kindergarten next year. I wonder if any of you have any unique gift needs... Is that a subtle enough hint? ;)
I wonder all of these things but don't really get a knot in my stomach. I get excited. I almost get giddy. I am curious and anxious to see where all of this leads. I will keep you posted.


Lauren said...

I love it, too. I feel myself becoming creative again. Its something that I haven't felt in a LONG time! Thank YOU!

The Gosfam said...

Glad you found something to ENJOY!! I love Farmer's Markets. I hope all your wonderings for life in Texas will come a reality for you. Things will all work out in the end.

The Holleys said...

I certainly hope that you come back to Texas after having such a FABULOUS summer. I'm so happy that you are happy.

Anonymous said...

It's really easy to forget that it's okay to live life by your own rules... to forget that happiness is what you make it... that there is no cookie cutter recipe for "the good life."

Thanks for the reminder.