Friday, September 10, 2010

Sarah Zamora and the One Dollar Challenge

So yesterday I listed my 13 favorite artists from CIB. shortly after that post I received a message on Facebook from one of those artists. Sarah Zamora received an email from a Bravo tv show called Work of Art. It's an exciting opportunity to get her art out there and win a big deal gallery show. As with most things in life the trip to New York costs money. This mom of two young kids is asking for help in raising that money. She doesn't want much... Just a dollar. She needs 500 people to donate $1 to her PayPal account.
Wouldn't it give you a warm feeling down in the pit of your stomach to help some one to possibly get discovered?

What is her art like?
Click HERE to view her amazing portfolio.

What is her story?
Click HERE to view her BIO and artist statement.

So how can you help?
Click HERE to view her video and to donate your dollar through PayPal

What happens when she reaches her goal?
Click HERE to view the web page to view the page for ArtLoveMagic, the non-profit organization she will be donating anything over the top to.

This is a great opportunity for Sarah Zamora and I hope you will take the time in the next couple of days to stop by her site and help her out.
Please feel free to post any words of encouragement here on this post and I will make sure she gets them.

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