Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday 13: 13 of My Favorite Artists at the Cowtown Indie Bazaar

This past Saturday my friend, Leslie, and I headed out for a kid free day at the Cowtown Indie Bazaar in Fort Worth Texas. It was great. We got there early enough to be amongst the first 50 people to get INCREDIBLE swag bags. This thing was stuffed full of jewelry, barrettes, smelly stuff... You name it. Since Leslie and I are both of the crafty ilk we were in heaven. I really wish I would have taken my camera but, alas, I did not. There were so many wonderful vendors there it was tough to narrow it down to 13. I did though... I hope you will click on each and check them out. Buying handmade is a wonderful way to support small businesses and find unique items for yourself and to give as gifts. Who knows? Maybe one of these folks will be the inspiration you need to go out and get Crafty!

Here we go...

1) Original Youth : I'm not sure what to say about Sarah Zamora's art work except that I am completely drawn to it. You need to check it out. Keep in mind that she also does custom work.

2) The Soap Addict : This stuff smells sooooo... good. I was fortunate enough to have a friend willing to give up one of her winning raflle tickets (Thanks Leslie) and with that I chose the gift bag from The Soap Addict. I got a Rosemary Mint bar of soap, a key lime lip balm and a lavendar Lotion Bar. mmmm... It smells great without being too perfumey and it moisturizes without leaving you greasey feeling.

3) Mama Dee's Boutique : She makes a giant crocheted octopus named Ollie and then takes pics of him to post on her Facebook page. Need I say more???

4) Krafty Munchkin Designs : One of the cutest business cards I have ever seen! She sells some wonderful little change purses too. I LOVE her monster bag but have never had the extra dough to allow myself the purchase. Everyone feel a little sorry for me for a sec... OK that's enough.

5) House of Smash : SO this guy was selling WAY cool cuff bracelets made from old vinyl records. YAY! for re-purposing. Not ony were the cuffs cool but then he shared a story about his daughter making a bear all by herself. You'll have to ask him about it. Gotta love a crafty dad. PLUS I noticed that his etsy shop features some way cool paintings.

6) Revel Designs : You moms out there need to check out this ladies re-usable sandwhich bags. Totally cute, especially when you realize that they have a piece of chalkboard cloth on them for little notes.

7) Childsplay Designs : She uses some really cool fabrics to make some way neat stuff. AND she was super sweet!

8) Joe Art : This guy's stuff is really cool. He uses found objects, cut paper, fiber, metal.... And it's all cool. I was really surprised to find out how reasonably priced he was as well.

9) ROBOT POP : I LOVE her stuff! My swag bag contained a pair of earrings made from pink heart erasers that she made. Woo Hoo! If you are into cute and funky you need to check her out.

10) Nerbomber : one word... 'meh'. Check out her site and you will see why. Very clever and cute.

11) Marge and Skully Designs : My pal Leslie won a custom quilt from Angela. I think we could have talked to her all day. She had so many great quilt designs. PLUS! She was wise enough to not put the backing on the quilt tops so that you can pick your own fun fabric for the back of one of her patchwork quilts... DOn't worry, she has fabrics for you to choose from.

12) Casey's Clutter : She made necklaces out of Fisher Price little people! She's a genius! Her stuff is so nostalgic you aren't going to be able to pick out just one piece to buy and you;re gonna need to buy something for your brother, your cousin and your best friend that grew up down the street!

13) Nixie Jane : What caught my eye the most with these ladies was their paper art. They are very textural (ooo... I guess that is a word since I didn't get the red underline!)

So please check these folks out. You can find even more crafters through etsy Fort Worth.

You can also see what my friend Leslie is up to at . If you don't look at this stuff and say aww... there may be something wrong with you!


Jeanette said...

Lots of great creations and ideas. Thanks for sharing Cheryl. It makes me want to take a closer look at Etsy. Especially love Leslie's tutu's. I guess that's what happens when you have 3 little girls.

Les said...

thanks, Cheryl! :)

and Jeanette!

Americanising Desi said...

a post like this always makes my creative juices flow :D