Monday, July 13, 2009

Best Shot Monday

I'm having a very hard time choosing between these for my best shot today. They're all special and a favorite in their own way.

We went with some friends and had a picnic at a park. Some of these may have been in a previous posting but these are my most recent favorites.

First Love


All Fall Down

Rock Stars

Kids Will Be Kids

And here it is.... My BEST SHOT for the week...


I love this one because she looks like such a kid. I'm also a little biased because she was standing there watching the 'skate rats' at the ramps. Like mother like daughter.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the picture of Claudia...don't get me wrong they are all GREAT pics but the one of her is just soooo precious

Christina said...

Yep, you've definitely been bitten by the photo bug! Great stuff here, Cheryl, just gorgeous! I love that one of Claudia, but also the first one of young love. Just one question for you, tho: did both your kids grow 2 feet this summer???

Mary Lynn said...

I love this one too, but my favorite has to be kids will be kids. Awesome, and so telling. Love it Cheryl.