Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crafty Tuesday: Or Where Did the Time Go and What Have I done?

So, I have to admit that on this Crafty Tuesday, doubling as Fat Tuesday, I have nothing really new to offer. I will share something a bit older. Something I have done in the past. I hope this isn't cheating.
This is a birdhouse that was commissioned by a friend for her mom. It has pictures of her cute kids on either side of it. I made it from an old cigar box with a sliding lid. It's been decoupaged... Of course. I adhered glass beads and little silver dragonfly beads to it. I wrapped the perch in a red craft wire. It's probably not all that functional but I think it makes a cute decorative piece for the mantle or wherever.

I've also started a FaceBook group called 'Craft-Tacular'. It's nothin' too fancy. Just a place for crafters to get together and encourage one another. I'm hoping that people will share ideas, tips, blogs, favorite sites and constructive criticism. I'm currently running a contest on it for anyone who posts something, ANYTHING, about crafting. I will choose a name from the participants and let them choose one of my treasure boxes. It's open to crafters everywhere so I hope you'll check it out and share your gifts with us!


Christina said...

I don't mind seeing some of your previous craft goodness! Hi, Corby! :o)

Kimberly said...

Haha! I feel like one of the in crowd when I get comments too. :)

Love the birdhouse, especially the personalization on the top. :)

carrie said...

OH..suhweet! ANY crafting counts...no matter when it was done. I love it - well done! I'll go over and join CraftTacular, too! Thanks!!