Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday 13: Pet Peeves

Here are thirteen of my pet peeves in no particular order...

1) People who can't admit when they are wrong.
2) Smoking in the car with your kids in it.
3) Smoking around kids in general.
4) Kids not being restrained properly in a motor vehicle. I will dial 9-1-1 instantly if I'm in the passenger seat.
5) Drinking and driving.
6) Talking on the cell phone when you are being waited on.
7) Swearing in public. (this one bugs me much more now that I have kids)
8) People who mock others when those 'others' are within ear shot. It's not nice regardless but to do it when some one may hear you and get hurt really irks me.
9) Being asked questions when I'm on the phone.
10) The fact that ice cream makes me gain weight instead of lose it.
11) The fact that diet soda makes you crave sweets. What's that all about? Oh Diet Pepsi... Why have you forsaken me?
12) People who can take things OFF of a shelf but not return them to said shelf.
13) People who leave their kids unattended in the bookstore because they assume it's safe. ( I could come up with several pet peeve lists just from working retail... Hmmm... I guess I'l file that away for later.)

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Holly said...

I work retail and HATE it when people are on their cell phones when I'm trying to help them. So frustrating!

That dang icecream! I feel the same way about my chocolate. :)

Happy Thursday!

Sheri said...

I'm with you on pretty much all of those. I could write a post a day of all my pet peeves!

Melissa B. said...

I'm with you on all of these. Add one who finish the milk/juice/etc. and return the empty carton to the fridge...