Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bookmark Happy

Ahhh... I have found a new mindless activity; Making bookmarks. they're super easy. I take 2 really cute pieces of cardstock and start trimming them into same size strips. The strip sive really depends on the pattern on the paper but a two inche width works pretty well. The length is also a judgement call. I use 12x12 sheets so mine have been either six inches or four inces.
I glue these two papers back to back making sure to weight them down pretty evenly while they dry so they don't buckle or bubble. I center a hole towards the top, loop some cool fibers through it and... Oila. If you feel feisty you can personalize them with stickers, markers anything really as long as it's flat. Keep in mind theat they are intended to hold the page in a book so you don't want them to be bulky.
I've been using these for gifts when I give a book. They'd also make super simple activities for kids. As soon as I get a picture of one I'll post it. Time is a bit short for the next few days so it may take a bit.

On the home front... I currently have 2 kids getting eye drops. I may just be paranoid about the little one but I'd rather be safe than sorry. My clothes did get hung up or put away but that's as far as I've gotten in my room. Oh well, it's somethin'.

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Cindy Shepard said...

I love making can never have enough.