Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Hubby Is Home!

Ahhh... We are a two parent household once again. Once Dave got off the plane my exhaustion kicked in. I somehow fooled myself into thinking that when he came home the kids would be all over him and leave me alone for a bit... Nope. They're still my clinging vines.
I've been busy collecting motivation to craft... I bought the current Sommerset Studios magazine. If you're into mixed media art you have to check out this magazine. I love it. The pages in mine are often soggy from all the drool. There are Sooooo many talented people out there and they tend to make me feel a little drab... BUT it also encourages me to try harder.
Topic shift... I am such a geek. I wrote a fan letter to an author. OK, it was an email and I have met her before. Her name is Rosemary Clement Moore. I read her book Prom Dates From Hell which is a teen book but it has great undertones of both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Heathers. If you've not seen either the original Buffy movie or the movie Heathers stop reading this and run out and get them. They are both amazing!
Any how. I LOVED it. It didn't hurt that, being a teen novel, it was a quick read. It's funny with a 'spunky' main character and some real twists. You can check the author out at . She, herself, seems super cool. I've waited on her at the bookstore I work at.
Anyhow. It is now bed time.

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Anonymous said...

Site looks good. Sounds interesting. Keep the links coming. (Somehow I ended up listed on the site twice. How does that work?) Hint: Tackle on small bedroom pile at a time. Don't try to take on the whole thing at once.