Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 2

Wow. The kids are both quiet. Amazing. Today may be a day to ramble...
I went into Old Navy to look at kids clothes. I saw some pants hanging on a rack that looked HUGE. I thought... Hey, those may fit me... I walked over and they were fourteens! Now to some of you that may be a big number but for most of us not so much. I couldn't believe they looked so large. Then I saw it. The pants directly behind were a size ZERO! How is that a size? It's not even a number. It means that there is nothing, nada, zilch. It makes no sense to me but I will never be and have never been close to a zero.
So my new craft love seems to be t-shirts. I've only made one so far. I've done some in the past but it was either back when I was a youngun and I was making 'Cramps' t-shirts or later when I made them with my kids. Now I really want to try deconstructing some and painting some designs. I made a skull and cross bones shirt for my son. He likes it. Something is holding me back from doing one for me though. Some how it's hard for me to cut up a shirt that cost me $2.50. I don't even like the neck line or anything on it. Something is seriously wrong with me. I'm just gonna have to grab those scissors and go for it. Of course, I'll have to do that when the kids are sleeping or I may find that ALL of our shirts have been 'deconstructed' .
I went through a big cigar box phase. I still love them but I get frustrated that I can't make purses out of them that are more sturdy and practical. I guess if I really wanted to I could search on-line for some how-tos but I'm never thinkin' about it when I'm at the computer not doing anything else. I guess that's a project I could work on... Making an actual purse that I can carry and not have to hold shut with my hand the whole time.
See, I rambled. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a more linear stream of thought.
Take care.

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