Friday, March 20, 2009


The week is coming to an end already and I feel I have gotten NOTHING accomplished. I have SOOOO much appreciation for how hard it must be to be a single parent when I have the kids to myself for a week.
I was sent a message about a scrapbook convention coming here to Arlington in May. It got me thinking about what a long way scrapping has come. I started about 14 years ago and had a hard time finding things that weren't too cutsey. You know, hearts, teddy bears, lots of old fashioned flowers. I am not and never will be a "cutesy" person.
It is so much easier to find cool, funky, edgy stuff now and now... I never scrapbook! Once you have kids you think 'I should be writing all of this down and perserving it for them' but once you have kids the little time vampires suck you dry! There are those people who keep their photos all nicely organized and know exactly the who, what, when, where and why of it all. I hate those people.
My photos float around the house. I have pictures from 2007 mixed with pictures from 2004. I will say though that I like to keep each roll of pictures in numerical order. It drives me nuts when people look through them and just start flipping randomly. It makes me cringe. Most of my stuff is digital now but I still like to have prints. I'm a tactile person and need to touch them. Not the same on a screen.
How do the Martha Stewarts of the world do it?How do they keep up on every photo? Every name? Why do their homes always seem so clean and orderly? How does it all get done with little ones running around? Is this some sort of crazy voodoo magic? Do I need to sell my soul to some one? Let me know who and I'm there!
The kids are sleeping so I think I'm going to monkey around with a t-shirt for a while. I'll let you know how I do.

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Christina said...

I don't scrapbook either! I used to, and I thought "it'll be great once I have a kid and so many pictures to scrap!" Now I have the kid, I have plenty of pictures...and yet it doesn't happen. I haven't even printed any in over a year.