Monday, March 16, 2009

A disappointing start...

So I finally figured I'd start a t-shirt for myself. I was pretty excited. I was going to try something with a bit of bleach to get it started. Now it looks like a mellow tie dye. I am NOT a tie dye gal. In my past I may have been and it doesn't bother me on others... in moderation... but ew. I am determined not to let that set me back. I am going to work on the rest of my plans for it and see what happens. Who knows, right?
I did start cleaning my side of the room today. I picked up the clothes. They are now in neat stacks (which are OBVIOUSLY neater than piles) on my bed. They are sitting there calling me... Put us in your drawers or on hangers. I currently have my back to them and am trying to ignore their pleas. I will be giving in momentarily because I should go to bed and they are blocking my way.
Thanks if you're reading this. I hope to get more creative with it soon.

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