Thursday, January 28, 2010

Change your Life Thursday

1) Lose 20 lbs. ( I know it should be more but you gotta start somewhere)
2) Focus on my craft business and get it running
3) Apply to school
4) Blog
5) Organize my craft crap
6) Get my novel completely fleshed out
7) Do more things for myself
8) Go to church more

SO, it's been a week since I posted my list of things I want to work on in the next year. I've worked on some things and ignored others. I promised I'd keep ya updated so here we go.

I've been thinking a lot about my crafting. I'm reading a book called "Crafty Superstar" on my breaks at work. I'm finding it really motivating and full of some great ideas. I would have NEVER thought about astro-turf as a table covering for a craft fair. It's got me thinking outside the box a bit.
After talking to my friend Heather I started a FaceBook group called 'Craft-Tacular'. I'm hoping that it will draw a group of crafters that will help keep me motivated as well as teach me a few things. And, yes, I know it's a crappy name but it's all I could come up with! :) If you're interested look it up!

I'm not 100% sure that school is REALLY what's right for me but I am looking into it. I'm reading "What Color Is Your Parachute 2010" that I checked out from the library. I'm trying to complete the workbook portion to maybe give me a bit of a direction at least. There's not been anything too surprising but it's got me thinking in directions that I hadn't thought about before. For example, teaching is something that pops up every now and again. I don't think I'm cut out to be a traditional teacher but I could teach small groups some craft techinques or even host craft parties.

Then there's blogging... Welp, if you care to peruse through my archives you will see that I have been doing just that. It's become a lot less stressful not worrying about having photos involved every time and just writing about whatever. I hope somebody's enjoying it.

As for doing things for myself... Welp, I went to Dallas the other night to hang out with the hubby who was at a conference. It was great. While he was busy I showered, watched tv, read... I even took my book down to the bar and sat with a Stella (that's a delicious beer in case you're wondering) and read. When he was done we ate and had a few drinks. It was heaven.

Not much in the way of the other things. I'm trying to drink more water and be more conscious of the things I eat and I have THOUGHT about what I'm going to do with my craft supplies but for the first week I think I did pretty good.

How did you do?