Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Retail Therapy

I like my job, I really do. I work at a bookstore. It's a perfect fit for me because I LOVE books. I love helping people find something to read. I love finding new stuff for myself to read. I love the people I work with. I've been doing this now for 9 years or so. It's a nice place to be.
Then there are the OTHER days. The days where I'm in the womens restroom mopping up pee. Not just a little pee a lot of pee. Like the person missed the toilet all together. My 5 year-old son even manages to get it into the bowl.
Or when I'm picking up stacks and stacks of books that have just been left on the floor in the kids section. Whole shelves just knocked clear. Pages ripped, plastic wrap pulled off, stickers... GONE.
Or when I spot a 4 or 5 year old by themselves in the kids department. Sometimes they've just made a break for it and there is an adult or older sibling hot on their trail but a lot of times they've been left there so the parent go shopping... IN ANOTHER STORE!!!!!
Another favorite that is more of a pet peeve than anything else are the people who make you look and look for a title or subject. You run around ignoring the phones because you really want to help this person with their project. Other customers are waiting but you are committed to giving your current customer excellent customer service. When you finally find the books and get them to the customer they want to know where they can leave them when they are done using them for their homework!!!
Oh, did I forget to mention the people who stay on their cell phones the whole time you're trying to help them. That's fun because you never know if they're talking to you or the person on the phone. FYI... Those are the people I ask the MOST questions of.

Sorry. Just needed to vent a bit. I like my job... I really do but sometimes people can drive me a bit wonky.

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Christina said...

I like my job except for the crazy customers. Yep, I feel ya sister!