Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Self Portraits

I decided that I wanted to take a few pictures of myself. When you're the one with the camera you don't get to be in a lot of them. That's OK. I'd much rather look at my kids and their friends than I would myself but when I'm famous there should be some sort of documentation, right?
The thing with looking at pictures of yourself... especially if you're the only thing in the picture... is that you start to notice things. They are things that I've noticed before but they get brought to the forefront in a portrait. For example... I have HUGE teeth. My left eye is surprisingly smaller than my right. My skin is starting to get blotchy and those darn chins just keep multiplying. I get more break outs now than I ever did. I could make attempts at touching these things up in Photoshop (if I could figure it out!) but, hey, this is me. This is the face I live with on a daily basis and, for the moment anyway, I kinda like it.

1 comment:

Christina said...

I kinda like that face too, Cheryl. :o)

Seriously, you are adorable and so real and funny. Plus, I wish I could pull off pigtails like you. :o)