Sunday, April 11, 2010

Here it is Sunday already...

So I'm still having computer problems so my blogs are a bit scant. That's OK because I should be doing some other stuff anyway. I need to clean and prepare for our BIG trip this summer. I also need to get some crafting done to prepare for at least one event: a renaissance festival in IL. I'm hoping to make at least a couple dollars from it. I'm also waiting to hear whether or not Lauren and I will have a booth at the Bloomington Farmer's Market this summer. Since we are both SOOOOO on the ball our app. will be late and have to go in with round two. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.Keep watching... I will try to show up from time to time.

As a self-motivator I'm trying to get to at least 25 followers (more would be swell) so FOLLOW ME!

For now please enjoy these random photos:

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