Thursday, April 15, 2010

Much to My Surprise

I am a fan of Glee. I know... It took me by surprise but not as much by surprise as finding out that I thought the kid who plays Finn, a sorta goody goody football player, was H-O-T! Cory Monteith is super cute. I couldn't believe it. SO not the kind of guy I normally think 'Hmmm...' about. Clean cut and probably a baby.
With the exception of my husband I always lean towards boys who seem to be headed for jail. The ones who carry beer bongs in the trunk of their car or who skateboard naked at public parks. Not the clean cut, choir boys. I usually don't get it when the college girls I work with talk about these teen stars. Give me an Anthony Bourdain or a Mike Ness any day.
My next thought (although the whole time I'm thinking 'Man, this is a KID I shouldn't think he's so cute!') was that obviously he's gay. The boys that I have liked that have been clean cut have turned out to be gay. (Some of you are now snickering because you know who I'm talking about) That must be the answer!
I know, this is taking up a lot of my thought process but you have to understand... I have standards and this kid just didn't meet the criteria. Then it happened. Sitting on the breakroom table at work was some weekly magazine with a cover story of Glee. I non-chalantly picked up the magazine and started flipping pages. There he was. My secret, guilty crush. The boy that could get me sent to jail under the right circumstances. I read. I breathed a sigh of relief. I was still the same old Cheryl. My tastes were not changing. This hottie who plays a choir boy high school kid on tv was actually a 27 year old high school drop out. Thank God!


Michelle Harvey said...

Too funny! You crack me up. I wasn't too sure I liked Glee at first, but it has definitely grown on me. It doesn't hurt that Finn (and Mr. Shuster, OMG) is a looker. I have it set to record on my DVR every week! LOL

Amanda Morrison said...

Oh Cheryl. You make me laugh.
Please don't tell me you were talking about me when you were referring to the college girls you work with. I refuse to be associated. Haha.

And yes, I love Glee too. I refused to watch it for awhile but got sucked in when the DVD came out. I have lost no respect for you. Don't worry.

Christina said...

ME TOO! I am a Gleek. And yes, he is totally hot. Hmmm, 27...wonder if he's single. ;o) P.S. after my ex, I'm done with the headed-for-jail types!

Chennifer said...

such a fun post! you made me laugh out loud!

he's really not my type - I think his friend is hot though, with the mohawk or whatever! I love glee!

thanks for coming by my blog Cheryl