Saturday, April 24, 2010

How did this happen?

Not sure how this happened but I have a 'girlie-girl'. She loves all things princess and ballerina. She serves coffee and cake from her kitchen. The other night the boys were gone so we watched the Madonna Glee. She made me rewind it so that we could listen to all the songs again. She ran around in a princess dress repeating over and over 'This is my princess song'. I'm not 100% sure how Madonna would feel about that but I was amused.

Later that night I painted my nails while she took a bath. She was mesmerized. She does not have a mommy who does girlie things for herself too often. She wanted hers done. After she was out of the tub and dried I gave her her first mini-mani. I was convinced she would last about five seconds but the whole time she sat very still looking up at me from time to time to say 'This is perfect for me'. She was sooo proud of her nails. Even the next morning she looked at them first thing and said 'I like it'.

Last night Daddy took her and her brother to see UT Arlington's Theatre Dept. perform 'My Emperor's New Clothes'. She had seen a rehearsal and insisted on wearing one of her princess skirts since the girl's in the play wear them. Apparently she sat on the edge of her seat and took it all in.

Don't get me wrong... She's still a clown albeit a PRINCESS clown and I love her all the more for it.


Love the Decor! said...

she is adorable enjoy every moment
Before you know it she will be grown and makeing you a grandma : )
Happy sits saturday!!

dusty earth mother said...

so sweet! and I love that she serves coffee and cake from her play kitchen. that cracked me up.

Cheryl said...

Her plastic fridge dispenses chocolate milk. That is one of my favorite features.

Natasha said...

Very cute! My 13 YO daughter was exactly like this at that age. She is still very girly but thank goodness she hasn't become obsessed like many teen girls do.

Best wishes for a great week,