Monday, April 19, 2010

Job Hazards!

Do you ever have times when you see something happening and it just makes you want to lay down and give up?
The other day I was killing some time with the youngest Beastie and we headed into Burger King so she could run off some energy. A young kid who worked there came in and wrestled a 15 foot ladder out of its hidey hole. An older guy, one of the 4 or 5 managers that were running around obviously on a store visit, came back and talked him through setting this thing up so the kid could climb up and wipe down the vent. The ladder was leaned against the wall with the legs sitting sort of precariously between two banks of seats. The kid was OBVIOUSLY nervous as he headed up so what did this older guy do? HE WALKED AWAY! Really? I grew up with an electrician father who always stressed how important it was to have some one hold a ladder for you (even if he didn't heed his own advice and could be found 'hopping' ladders from point A to point B). I asked the kid if he would feel better if I held the ladder for him. He said 'yes' so I did.
The managers had to be able to see me through the big window but did any come in to help or even check on what was happening? NOPE. I wasted play time with my kid because I was uncomfortable letting this nervous kid put himself in jeopardy. Maybe I'm overly cautious or a nervous nilly but man...
Just had to share. It really bugged me and I'm still considering calling and complaining. I did have my husband check the OSHA stuff but there wasn't anything really WRONG with what they did. I guess common sense isn't regulated.


Chennifer said...

That was really great of you, to do that for him. Many others would just've walked on by. Shows you really care about people! I ALWAYS get nervous on ladders (I'm very short, also, which I think adds to my fear).

Stephanie said...

Ugh, I hate managers that do things like that!! Me and Brooke had almost the same experience, but when she saw the look of utter panic in my eyes she called me a wous and scaled the wall with no problem. It was really good of you to be there for the young kid. Go Cheryl!!

Jessica said...

Good for you stepping in when someone found themselves in a potentially dangerous, scary situation. The world needs more people like you.

That manager, on the other hand, should know better. If he continues like that he is going to be slapped with a lawsuit before long. Idiot.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment supporting the survivors of sexual abuse. I completely understand your concern about the possibility of abuse happening to your children. This week I will be sharing what our family has learned about protecting our children. The story that you shared here will actually go a long way in helping, believe it or not. It reveals a character within you that will fight for anyone being mistreated and that will help your children.

Again, thank you.