Thursday, April 22, 2010

It Was A Dark and Stormy Night: Another foray into the world of fiction

It was a dark and stormy night. No, really it was, I’m not just playing the Snoopy card here. I hate driving in bad weather which is why I was following Blythe’s car pretty closely. She had made meet her at a new restaurant after work. I am hopeless with directions and can get lost in my own yard. Blythe was leading me home.
The rain poured down on our cars in heavy sheets. I could barely see her tail lights. Suddenly the sky was bright with lightning. I could have sworn I saw some one standing on the side of the road. It may have been a trick of shadows. I don’t know, but what happened next will stick with me forever. I was still following the tail lights but the ground under my tires felt different. Crud! We had gone off the road. I had stopped but Blythe’s car kept going. I lost sight of her lights in the rain.
I tried calling her cell. No answer. I texted her. No response. I dug for my umbrella. I knew it wasn’t going to help but I think I went into auto pilot. I stepped out of the car. My shoes sunk deep into the wet, muddy grass.
“Blythe!” I trekked forward not really knowing where I was headed. I couldn’t see anything, “Blythe!” I yelled again. The thunder was loud. I saw a light. I headed towards it. The rain eased up enough for me to see a little ways in front of me. The light I saw was from Blythe’s car. It was the interior light. Her door was open.
“Blythe, where are you?” As I approached the car I realized that she wasn’t in it. “Blythe!” I hollered as loudly as I could. The lightning flashed again and again. I saw the trees at the edge of the field we had ended up in. It was like watching an old movie flicker. I could have sworn there was some one standing there. Some one that wasn’t Blythe.

Opinions and suggestions always welcome. I'll try not to cry. ;)


Chennifer said...

I really liked this alot. But I'm a very impacient reader - what happens next?????????

Cheryl said...

Patience Young One... All in good time. Keep watching I may post each week or more. We'll see how the juices flow. ;)