Monday, April 26, 2010

NOOK Review

I don't ever really review products... Especially not tech gadgets but I just need to share that I think that Barnes and Noble's NOOK is way cool. Now, I will say up front that I work for Barnes and Noble. This is probably the only way I know about such things as E-readers and such. The other day at work I had to stand at the NOOK nook and talk to people about this for 3 and 1/2 hours. In that time I also got to play with it. It was cool. It goes on-line. You can sample books on it. You can get books like Margret Atwood's Handmaid's Tale for like $3.50. You can get picture books like Curious George Goes Camping on it... and YES you can see the pictures. I even found some crafting titles in the e-library. I read parts of the Chicago Tribule and the NY Times Book Review. You can even play games like chess and Sudoku on it now. Both of these are too smart for me but I'm sure some one will enjoy them. You can even download (upload?) MP3s to it.
The only thing I had a bit of trouble with was navigating through my FaceBook page using the touch screen at the bottom. Keep in mind that I am 'text challenged' so I'm sure it won't cause a problem for most people AND I had to keep stopping to share info with customers. As I used it more it did get easier.
So I just had to share that I really do think this is pretty cool. If I had the extra cash I would have one. If you have a Barnes and Noble near you stop in and see if they have one you can play with. I think I'm OK with it if this is the wave of the future... Did I just say that?

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